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March 19, 2006
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Anthro Hippocampus by shiftyferret Anthro Hippocampus by shiftyferret
I'm planting this in scraps since it's old... very much so. I'd really like to try this character again, so here she sits until I get my computer and scanner running. Not forgotten, just 'misplaced' Ha!

Briefly, this was my try at an anthro hippocampus. Not an anthro 'seahorse' in the direct sense. Sure, she's an anthro aquatic equine but not the seahorse-fish-species. A REAL sea-horse.
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jvel4073 Jul 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She Looks Beautiful.
Uhm.. you know, even though a hippocampus and a seahorse slightly resembles horses in their heads (emphasize "slightly"), they don't literally look exactly like a horse in their head. This would work as a spoof; but in a serious, well-made drawing like yours, it looks kinda silly. It's a invertebrate with the head, arms, butt and chest of a mammal (or well, the head is a horse; and the arms butt and chest are human).
But it's probably as a zoologist I am bothered by this. However, I design my own fantasy creatures as well for a world me and a friend of mine are working on. But I mean, I never simply mix two animals together that aren't even close to resemble each other. You know a griffin, right? I got those, but I've designed them without having the butt of a lion. Instead, they have four eagle-legs and a long feather-tail. I mean, a huge eagle with a lion-butt is kinda silly when you think about it. But to be fair, that's not nearly as silly like a hippogriff; an eagle with a horse-butt. But the worst thing is a pegasus to me - yeah, a flying horse... fat chance.

But like I said, this is just me. And trust me; I have among the wildest imaginations you could think of when I create my characters and creatures. But when it comes to literally mix two already existing animals together with practicly nothing in common at all with each other, I just think it's... awkward. But you're still a very good artist, though. :D
A Hippocampus is many things, it is the genus species for a seahorse. It is a part of the brain... and it is also a mythical creature.

In this instance I was going with the creature from Greek mythology, which is supposed to be the steed of Poseidon(God of Horses, Earthquakes and -most famously- the Sea). The hippocamp/hippocampus is depicted as the front of a horse, with a long coiling body of a fish or serpent. Some times with wings, sometimes without. Soooo yeah, it's a lot like a hippogriff/Pegasus type. Which I'm going to guess is your worse nightmare here. XD

Do mythical creature work in reality? Hell no. Could a Pegasus fly? Of course not, if you wanted to pick them all apart look at a dragon! Wings would NEVER lift one into the air. You might as well attack every mythical creature ever thought up, as most of them are wild hybrids. How could a centaur eat/breathe enough to sustain both halves? Or a mermaid?

As I said in the description, it was not intended to be an anthropomorphic Seahorse(the real fish).
Oh, THAT hippocampus... I'm a dork. XP

And I apologize deeply for my comment... I did read it now again, and feel a bit ashamed of it. I do not think like that nowadays. I have more of a suspension of disbelief. This is a really nice picture, and I like it. :) Sorry for trying too hard to over-analyze it, my friend.
*chuckles* I've been there! There are no harsh feelings on this end, so worry not. I was just amused... and all this was a year ago, anyway!!!
Okay. Goodie. :meow:
ZhaKrisstol Jul 27, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have featured this here: [link]
KawaiiDay Nov 4, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful. This inspired me.
Glad to inspire.
shadewatcher2 Sep 22, 2008  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
wow! anthro and mythic nice combo. very well done to btw. :)
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